The Resources page contains several pages each full of critical information for Residents.

The table below describes the content of each page. Please navigate to any page of interest for additional information.

Please select the page of interest from the Resources menu item above, or click in the links in the left column of the table below.

AgendasContains uploads of the Agenda for each monthly Supervisors Meeting. These should be available to download 24 hours prior to each meeting.

If you wish to suggest an Agenda item please contact Laurie Edson, Township Secretary, at least 2 business days prior to the meeting.
Forms & ZoningContains a list of key forms of interest to many residents, as well as a link to read the details of the Form or to download or print a copy of each.
Key OrdinancesContains description of important or recent Ordinances, as well as a link to read the details of the Ordinance, and to download a copy if desired.
MinutesContains tables with the Minutes of each monthly Supervisors Meeting. Residents may click on each to read or download a copy.
Right to KnowContains information regarding the Right to Know for all Pennsylvania residents. You may also have heard of this describes as the “Freedom of Information.” The page contains information on how to download and complete a form that a resident may submit to the Township office to access information that is in the public domain. Examples include a copy of the Minutes for a monthly Supervisors Meeting that is not immediately accessible from the Minutes page.
ServicesContains a list of additional Services provided by the Township to residents. Examples include access to small quantities of free cinders during icy weather, and obtaining EMS-approved road number signs for display on your property.